Sunday, January 31, 2010

Touching Songs

Okay, I'm not a country music fan. In fact, I really don't care for it in the least. However, I found these two videos while browsing this couple's blog. I have to tell you... I cried while listening to this first one:

And, here's something for all the birthmothers out there who have given their children up for adoption:

And, here's the story behind the song... equally heartwarming:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They need more pictures... Our glasses have glare in them...


Here we go again.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today, we sent our agency/facilitators the CD with our pictures, letters, etc! As long as they are okay with what we've sent them, we should see our profiles live in just a couple weeks or so! And, our homestudy is almost done! We just have one more hour long course to complete on medication administration and then we just wait for our caseworker to send along the homestudy report.


We took several days and completed a crazy photo session. By the end, we were completely stumped for "activity picture" ideas. We did the best we could with our horrible weather... It was difficult to get any decent outside shots. Hopefully they'll like what we've sent them.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Around

Yes, I'm still here! :) It's been a lovely winter break, and we've been enjoying our time off these past couple weeks. But, Monday we go back to work!


What's new on the adoption front?

We've paid our "sign-on" fees and are currently in the process of putting together our profile materials. It's our goal to have them completely finished during this upcoming week so we can mail them off and get our profiles live ASAP. That's right -- profiles... there are three different websites and two resumes. So, what does that entail?

-Photos: We need approximately 50-60 photos of us looking lovingly at each other, doing fun activities together, doing fun activities alone, our pets, and our house. We currently have about 8 such photos. A common problem it seems, with others completing their profiles, is that we don't get many photos taken of the two of us together. Usually, one of us is manning the camera. So, our together shots are taken at arms length... too close. And, we aren't usually doing anything all that exciting. So, we're planning a photo shoot. We're going to stage some shots of us doing the things we love -- (puzzles, reading, soccer, etc.). This is the biggest hurdle. Once we get the pictures taken, it's smooth sailing.

-Questionnaire: We have to answer a bunch of personal questions for one of the websites we will be marketed on. We've already answered some of them. It's not a difficult task... just time consuming. And, we've answered most of these questions verbally during our homestudy interviews, so it feels very redundant.

-Birthmother Letters: We have to write two. So, I will write one and Nick will write the other. This is the most difficult task to begin. I want to choose just the right words... but it is tough. What do you say to the woman who is about to give you the best gift you will ever receive that will also cause her so much grief?

Once we get these things done, it will take up to 3 weeks for the profiles to be created, and then we begin the long wait. Well, hopefully it won't be too long.

As far as the homestudy goes... we're almost done! Can you believe it???!!! We just have to get CPR certified and have our TB tests done. We are registered for an online CPR class and should be certified within a week or so. We'll have to schedule a TB test... but otherwise, that's it!


It's been a great couple of weeks! Things are moving right along. We've relaxed. Planning for Spring Semester is over. Christmas was pleasant.

And! I can't believe I didn't mention it until now! Nick's brother and sister-in-law just had a baby! We're an aunt and uncle again! And, my sister is due in February, so we're about to do it all over again! :)

I'll do a post on our niece in the next couple days. Until then, enjoy your weekend! Be safe in the snow!