Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newest Niece and Nephew

You may remember from this post, a while ago, that my sister was pregnant with her first child. Well, he's here!!!!

She was scheduled for a C-Section yesterday, February 9th. She had a severe case of scoliosis as a child that resulted in surgery (rods, pins, etc.). Because of this, "normal" childbirth is dangerous for her. It can cause a rod to shift and create permanent mobility problems or paralysis. Because of this, they scheduled the C-Section one week before her due date.

Strangely enough, at 3am Wednesday morning, February 9th, she began having stomach pains. Being new to this stuff, she wasn't sure that she was contracting. Her boyfriend and his mother watched her through the night to be sure she didn't need to go to the hospital earlier than her 9am appointment. Her water never broke, so she assumed all was fine. At 9am, they arrived at the hospital. They asked the nurse to check her as she was feeling a lot of abdominal discomfort. The nurse assured them:

"Your C-Section is scheduled for this afternoon at 11:30am, and we don't usually worry about checking prior to that."

But, when they hooked her up to the monitor and it was registering in the nineties, the nurse called the doctor:

"S is contracting quite heavily and I don't think we'll be able to wait much longer, you should come now. I'll check her dilation."

They checked. She was dilated to 4.

Since the doctor hadn't arrived yet and they knew it was dangerous for her to go into labor, they gave her some medicine to keep her from dilating.

They checked again... just minutes after having checked before... SHE WAS DILATED TO 10!!!

From 4 to 10 in minutes!!!

Thankfully, the doctor arrived quickly and they whisked her away to surgery by 9:50am. When they got into the OR, her water broke.

They had her under in no time, and at 10:20am baby was officially born! He was already in the birth canal, but thankfully there were no complications. He is happy and healthy! He is 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.5 inches long!

Now, they just need to pick a name! They are stuck between two choices that they don't agree on, so... it may be another day before we know for sure... but I'll let you know when they decide.

EDIT: Daddy won... they named him Destry Jr. We will be calling him DJ.

Here he is! :) Isn't he adorable!

My sister had to be completely asleep for the procedure, so she didn't get to meet the baby until 1.5 hours after the birth.

She's exhausted, but happy. They're both doing well. I can't wait to see him again tomorrow. It makes me extra anxious for our baby to come home. I can't wait to see them grow up together.


And, as promised, here's baby Anastasia. Nick's brother and sister-in-law had this beautiful miracle on 12-30-09. She is quite spunky! It should also be noted that she was a BIG surprise. We all thought she was a boy based on the ultrasounds. And, the doctor thought it was going to be a very BIG boy (over 8 lbs.). She was born a healthy, 6 lb. baby girl! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today, February 9, 2010

--My sister had a beautiful baby boy. 7 lbs. 3 oz.
--Our homestudy was approved!

More to come... with pictures!!! (including some pictures of our niece who was born a month ago --- as previously promised).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally! No More Pictures!!!

Yay! We just got word today, after a week of waiting for CD #2 to arrive. I checked my email and read:


We have enough marketing material to build your profiles!

Hooray!!!!! Now, we wait anxiously to see them live.