Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 months!

Dear Meerkat,

It's official, you're half a year old. I'm completely and utterly amazed at how quickly time goes by now that I'm your Mommy. I used to be awed by the speed of the semesters, but now... WOW. I turn my head and when I turn back, you're doing something new. Weren't we just in SC with you, awed by your tiny little toes and the cute drunk face you'd make after eating?

You don't make that face anymore. It's sad to see those newborn baby tendencies disappear... but it's so exciting to see the things that replace them. You are constantly doing new things.

You still don't want to roll over, even though we've seen you do it and know you can. You just quit doing it. It's like you have no interest whatsoever in getting anywhere but where you are already. You've shown no real interest in crawling yet, though you do fling your arms around to try to reach for toys that are in front of you when you're on your tummy. I think you'll probably crawl by accident, and that is what will make you learn how.

You do sit up like a pro now!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa S' house for Christmas, and you just suddenly figured it out. You have great balance. (Just look at you up there with 1996. You're not leaning against anything! And, you've gotten so big it's hard to even see the mouse). However, your sitting up has also been the cause of your first bump. You were sitting (so good) at Grandma and Grandpa's, and we were playing on the floor with your toys, when you suddenly flung yourself backward and hit your head on the floor. Thankfully, it's carpeted, and you didn't fall far. But it scared you (and ME!!!) and we both had a nice cry over it. You were fine. And I'm sure you will bump your noggin several more times in the not so distant future. I'm going to have to buy you a helmet!

You show a great interest in standing now. You want to stand all the time -- holding onto one of us of course. But, your legs are so strong, so I think it won't be long before you can stand unassisted. I won't be one bit surprised if you walk before you crawl.

This month has been filled with happiness! Mommy and Daddy had the month off from teaching, so we spent all our time with you. We played so much!!! You got lots of great toys for Christmas.

Mommy and Daddy bought you a little, stuffed dog named Violet. She says your name; she sings songs about you; and she spells your name too. She's so great! And, you seem very interested in her. You even pulled her over to you and turned her on the other day when we weren't looking. You also enjoy your new jumperoo! You've learned to bounce, and you throw yourself around like a crazy person. You LOVE it. You giggle and giggle. We can't get enough of watching you learn all the cool things about your surroundings.

Speaking of toys, you got them because this month was your first Christmas!!! It was lovely. You actually had two! First, we went to Grandma and Grandpa S' house and celebrated. We all watched you and your cousin, A. open gifts. A turned one while we were there, and you both had a ball with each other. Your Grandma and Grandpa really enjoyed seeing you and spending time with you. We stayed for a whole week, and you were so good!

When we got back, we had a Christmas and Grandma K's house. You got more presents and enjoyed spending time with your cousin, D. He'll be a year old next month! Wow. Mommy can't believe how fast all of you babies are growing.

I love you dearly, Meerkat. You make my life worth living. I can't imagine a day without you in it. May these next six months, before you're 1, be just as exciting as the first six.

I love you!!!!


Jacksmom said...

She is so cute and has gotten so big!!!

Waiting Lisa said...

I love it!! So sweet to read all this. I love monthly posts. Reading and writing them :)