Saturday, November 7, 2009

Show and Tell: Halloween

Okay, I know this is a little late, but I wanted to participate.

So, Halloween has come and gone. As a child, I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween. So, we didn't dress up in costumes, and we didn't get candy. We went to church. Okay, okay... we did get a little bit of candy at church. But our little brown lunch-sacks are pathetic compared to the overflowing PILLOWCASES that some of the kids in our neighborhood were carrying around this halloween.

Now that I'm an adult, I choose to dress up for Halloween. I've always been a fan of getting into costume. I dabbled in theatre in High School. Once I even got to dress up as a male detective. I had so much fun gluing facial hair under my nose and padding my gut. I was also in a chamber choir in high school. There, we got to dress up in medievel costumes and sing old, old songs.

Anyway, this halloween, I broke out my old choir costume and decided to be a creepy queen. I gathered some inspiration for the make-up from Tim Burton's Queen of Hearts. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the back of the costume to zip up, as I've gained about 35 pounds since high school ended ten years ago. I had to stay seated on the porch the entire time, with my back to the house. But, no one was the wiser.

Nick dressed up as a zombie. He got his hands on an old suit jacket and tore it to shreds. Then, he proceeded to scare the neighborhood children without even trying. It was so cute! Thankfully, the children weren't scared enough to run away. They got their candy and then cautiously fled the porch clinging to their parents. :)

Last year, we were superheroes. The year before that, Nick was a giant poodle (complete with pink bow) and I was a masked wrestler. I can't wait until next year!!!!

Oh yeah! Kitsch dressed up too. He was Frankenstein again this year. (I love this costume.


Now, you participate! It's not too late! Just visit:

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Jennifer said...

You folks are going to be terrific parents! How fun and creative - your little ones are going to love Halloween with you!