Saturday, December 5, 2009


*Real Estate Licensing Exam -- I spent the last couple days about 150 miles south of home, preparing for and taking the test. I don't get the results for a couple weeks, but my fingers are crossed that before Christmas, I will have a nice part-time real-estate gig.

*Thanksgiving -- We traveled to Nick's parent's house for Thanksgiving. We were there for about four days. How lovely it was to just relax and enjoy time with family. We ate so much great food... I miss it! And, we got to see my brother-in-law and his wife. She's due to have our nephew very soon! I can't wait to meet him. We also got to spend some lovely time with our other nieces and nephews, playing games and talking.

*Home Study Visit 1 -- Oh yes! They did start the process! :) We spent days cleaning and cleaning and cleaning our house. It wasn't all that dirty... but we still weren't fully unpacked from the move in June (oops!) and had to put a bunch of stuff away. They visited, and didn't really look around too closely. Then, we were interviewed and asked a bunch of questions about our home, family, marital relationship, etc. It wasn't bad at all, and my nerves weren't as bad as I thought they would be.

*Home Study Interview 2 -- And, it's moving along quickly. We had our second interview session (individual interviews) recently. We spent about an hour talking about ourselves. It was a bit intense and I babbled a bit. I am very uncomfortable talking about myself so much. But, it went okay.

*Black Friday Shopping -- I got a gift card for "Thanksgistmas" at the in-laws and so, on Black Friday, we went clothes shopping. I got a ton of new sweaters. (I love sweaters).

*First Snowfall -- Today, snow fell here for the first time. I am not a fan of snow, by any means. But, today, it's pretty. I don't have to be anywhere, and I get to relax a bit. My grading is done; my test is done; and I just get to sit for awhile.

It was unseasonably warm the last week or so, and our roses decided to bloom again. I was thrilled to see them in late November/early December. It felt like a very cool summer. And now, they're getting covered in snow. I snapped some pictures as proof.


Jewls said...

Wow those roses are beautiful! Congrats on pluggin' through your home studies! :)

Jacksmom said...

That's great that you're moving quickly through your homestudy! I love the picture of the roses, how many people can say that they have roses blooming during a snow!?!