Thursday, March 4, 2010

We're Live!!!

There's been a lot going on lately... some good... some bad. That's why I haven't really been blogging a lot.

However, I am taking a break from the turmoil of everyday living to tell you some excellent news.


Yep, all three profiles are activated, as of a couple days ago. Now, we are truly just waiting. We are praying that we'll be chosen quickly, and that the birthparents will be confident in their decision.



Jewls said...

Yay congrats! I hope you get chosen quickly too! :)

aWesthoff said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!! (of course, now I will go search for you and throw off your search tally). Thank you for following my blog and for finding us! Always good to have support from someone in your shoes!

Best of luck to you and your newest little someone out there - ready to join your family. :)

Chris said...

That's great news! Good luck.

Jacksmom said...

That's wonderful news!! I hope your wait is a very short one!!!