Friday, March 18, 2011


Updating our homestudy, as it's been over a year since it was completed. We want to keep it active so we are open to foster and adopt scenarios from our SW. It's supposed to be easier to update the homestudy than to let it expire and do the whole process again... but I beg to differ. It's pretty much the exact same process. No, we didn't have to attend a semester of classes, but we did have to read seven "modules" (chapters) and do homework. We do have to go to CPI training refresher (2-3 hours), medicine administration training, and CPR Refresher. We have to redo our finances. We have to get the cats vaccinated; we have to get Meerkat a physical and have the doctor fill out a form. We have to get copies of our insurances. We have to write several paragraphs about the types of adoption related training/reading/etc. we've done over the course of the last year. We have to do the interview process again.

It's work!

But, it's worth it.


Jacksmom said...

Still sounds like an awful lot of work to me!!! I agree though, so worth it. I had a conversation with Jack tonight about "adoption" without using that word in the event that our next cycle fails and he is excited about the fact that even if Mommy can't carry a baby in her tummy, that we may still be able to bring home a baby who was carried in someone else's. Good luck!