Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 months!

Dear Meerkat,

You are SO CUTE!!! This past month has been such a pleasure, because you've started to do adorable little things that I never even imagined when I used to daydream about being your mommy over a year ago.

For instance, you've started waving your little hand to say "hi." to mommy and daddy. You don't wave it back and forth, you open and close your tiny fingers. It's become automatic. If you hear mommy say "Hi baby!" you will immediately start to wave. Sometimes you will stare down at your fingers like you don't know what they're doing. And other times you will wave toward yourself. But regardless, it's so stinkin cute! I need to capture it on video (note to self: do that tomorrow morning!) The other day, I walked into your bedroom in the morning and said "Good morning, baby!" and you raised your little hand off the bar of your crib and waved at me with a big smile on your face. My heart proceeded to melt all over the floor. :)

Even more recently, you've started clapping those precious hands when we say "Yay!" and clap with you.

You've also begun pulling yourself up regularly. Right after my last monthly update, you started doing it a lot. And, now, you'll even do it with one hand. You've also learned how to lower yourself down to the ground without hurting yourself. You're so smart!

One really adorable thing you've started to do lately is get SUPER excited for no reason. You just start to freak out (in a good way) and kick your legs like crazy, and wave your arms around, all while smiling your huge, one-toothed grin and squealing like a tiny maniac. :) I LOVE IT! And, if we pick you up while you're excited, you will kick in the air like you're trying to swim.

This month your hair has gotten longer and fuller. It's insane! It's absolutely beautiful - but it definitely is going to take some maintenance. When I take bows out of your hair, you look like Cosm.o Kra.mer from Seinfe.ld.

You say "mama" and "dada" and "baba" but you have no idea what those things mean yet (or if you do, you aren't letting on). But it's pure magic to hear those words come out of your mouth. Usually it's a string of sounds: "mamamamama" "bababab" "dadada" "mamabadaba" but it doesn't change how much I love hearing you make those sounds. It's just a sign of what's to come! And, I can't wait to hear your little voice saying all sorts of cute things.

This month, your stranger anxiety has gotten stronger. For the last couple months, you've not liked men who you don't know. But I've noticed this intensifying a bit in the last week or two. Sometimes, just looking at a man you don't know can send you into tears, unless mommy or daddy is holding you. I don't want to encourage it, but I have to tell you secretly: I absolutely love it when you cling to me and want me to protect you. :)

You solo play nicely, but you love to play with mommy and daddy the most. Very recently, you've really begun to enjoy reading books with us, and you get upset when we put the book away.

You would play with us all day long, if we'd let you. You love it so much that you try to avoid napping in order to play, even when you're so tired you cry for no reason at all. Sometimes, you'll be playing, and then you'll just lay down for a second like you're exhausted. As soon as mommy or daddy says something, you pop back up like you just took a 2 hour power nap. It's becoming very difficult to get you to nap, but we push through the tears and squeals and twisting and turning, and eventually you fall asleep.
You sleep best at night (and function more happily during the day) if you have two naps: One around 10:30am and another around 2:30 or 3pm.

As for your diet this month, the doctor told us to start transitioning you to table food, so we're trying to do that slowly and carefully. We give you a little bite here and there of our food, as long as it's not too seasoned, and as long as it's cut up really small. You love it. But you still love to have your bottle the best.

You're growing so big and strong! Your little legs are so powerful! I'm amazed at how fast you grow and change in a month's time. We've only got two more months before you're a year old... and I know you'll go through many more changes before that.

I love you so much baby! This month we celebrated mother's day, and it was one of the happiest days I've ever had. I'm so proud to be your mother. And I'm so excited that summer's here and mommy and daddy get to stay home with you all summer!!!! YAY!!!!


Waiting Lisa said...

She is beautiful.

Jayden is an expert nap fighter too :) And just as you said, you always know when he's overtired b'c he cries for no reason. And he's more likely to randomly fall!!

I love the picture of you reading the book. So sweet.