Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful first official Mother's Day thanks to my loving, wonderful husband. When I woke up this morning, he presented me with my gifts. First, he gave me a beautiful card from him and Meerkat. Then, he gave me a big bag of all my favorite childhood candies: Pe.anuts, T.arts, Pe.z, and Then...


THEN!!! He presented me with the best gift ever!

My husband spent the last several days writing a story about me... from childhood dreams of being a mother, to finding out about my infertility, to my struggle with it, to our adoption. Oh, but that's not all. Not only did he write the story, but he illustrated it in beautiful white silhouettes that went along with the story. Then, he put it all on black paper and created a book! It's beautiful! And of course I cried. It truly was the best thing he could have given me today. It showed me how well he knows me, how much he cares about me, and it showed his creativity, talent, thoughtfulness, and romanticism.

I love that man.

After all this, we went to church, and then to dinner with my mom and grandma. It was a lovely day!

Of course, I spent a majority of the day thinking of A and all the other birthmothers who have made many other mothers able to celebrate this day for the first time this year. And while I was filled with joy and love today, I was also filled with a hint of sadness. I know that despite her certainty in her decision, despite our open relationship, despite the fact that she has two other children to hug her on mother's day, that a large piece of her heart was here with Meerkat today. And I pray that she was able to have some joy today, despite that sadness.

A, I know you probably will never read this, and that I've told you how we feel about you a number of times. But I have to put it out into the atmosphere as often as possible. You are a wonderful woman who I will love forever. Thank you for your selflessness, for your strength, for your love, and for your trust in us. We love you dearly. Meerkat will always know how much we cherish you, and I'm sure she will grow up loving you as much as we do, and as much as you love her. Happy mother's day today, A. And Happy birthmother's day yesterday. You deserve two special days, and I hope that you were able to relax and have some type of peace this weekend.

And to all you other mothers: first time, expecting, waiting to be expecting, or old hat --- Happy Happy Mother's Day!