Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little bit closer...

We have a court date!

November 1, 2010.

That is the day we stop being "legal guardians" and start being "parents." That is the day we order our birth certificate, our social security card, etc. That is the day the label "family" becomes recognized by more than just those who know us.

We are already parents and family, but it will be nice to have it set in stone.


I like that word.

A nifty thing about the finalization date: It is exactly one week before my birthday. That means Meerkat was born right around Daddy's birthday, and her adoption will have been finalized right around Mommy's birthday. Julys and Novembers are going to be filled with celebration in this household!



Jacksmom said...

So exciting!!!

Kelly said...


RELH said...

Nov 1 is my BDay! Your Nov 1 is going to be AWESOME!

Jewls said...

YAY! I totally understand the excitement! We have just 10 ish days left and we can't wait!! Sooo fun to have so many extra things to celebrate with adoption!